The Album Drop – Sepember 2, 2014

Today we look at new records from Interpol, The New Pornographers, Gob and The Provincial Archive. Plus in this weeks Music Meltdown, we look at an industry leading streaming music service that is starting to make it’s way into Canada. You don’t wanna miss this one.

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The Album Drop – August 26, 2014

Today we look at new stuff from Greys, Literature, Catholic Girls, The Old 97’s and Cosy Father. Full playlist is below, and you can stream along by clicking here!


  1. Literature – Chorus (You can stream the whole record here.)
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The Album Drop – August 19, 2014

Today on the show we take a look at the CD companion to the latest Beck album, Song Reader plus Halifax’s Cousins have a new record, and we spin some of it for you. Plus in the second half of today’s show, Gloryhound are coming in, with their instruments for a Live at CHUO session that is not to be missed.


  1. Cousins – The Halls Of Wickwire (Stream the whole record at Exclaim!)
    • What’s Your Name
    • At Odds
    • Phone
  2. Beck – Song Reader
    • Jarvis Cocker – Eyes That Say I Love You
    • Jack White – I’m Down
    • Beck – Heaven’s Ladder
  3. Gloryhound – Live At CHUO
    • Loaded Gun
    • Set It On Fire
    • Sarah Ann

The Album Drop – August 12, 2014

Today on the show, killer new indie rock from Monomyth, plus we introduce you to Viewfinder, an American Garage Rock trio that sounds like a modern day Dinosaur Jr, plus tunes from Emm Gryner’s new record – including her duet with Astronaut Chris Hadfield, plus Shawna Potter from Baltimore’s War on Women is calling in, to discuss their show with Propagandhi tonight, and much more.


  1. Viewfinder – Do You Even Want Anything?
    • Fuan
    • 600 Miles
    • Move To Canada
    • (Stream the record below)
  2. Monomyth – Saturnalia Regalia!
    • Candleholder
    • Pac Ambition
    • Something Else
    • (Stream the record below)
  3. Emm Gryner – Torrential
    • Excess Baggage
    • Torrential
    • So Easy (Feat. Chris Hadfield)
  4. War on Women – Interview
    • Effemimania
    • High School Reunion

The Album Drop – August 5, 2014

Brand new tunes today from Phish, Allison Weiss, Stepmothers & Amy Van Keeken.


  1. Stepmothers – ST (Stream this LP below)
    • Devil On The Run
    • Something Triumphant
    • Goodnight
  2. Amy Van Keeken – Live Right (Stream this EP Below)
    • Summertime Love
    • Best Part Of Going Away
    • Why Do We Fight
  3. Phish – Fuego
    • 555
    • Waiting All Night
    • The Line
  4. Allison Weiss – Remember When? (Stream This Release Below)
    • Take You Back
    • Remember When?