The Album Drop – September 30, 2014

A very diverse show today, with new tunes from Sloan, Mo Kenney, Dear Criminals, Zenn Mystry Fogg and Alien Whale! Stream today’s show live by clicking here


  1. Dear Criminals – Crave (Stream/Download their EP below)
    • Rose
    • Face The Odds
    • Stay Tonight
  2. Zen Mystery Fogg – Cassette (Stream / Download their sampler below)
    • Sarah
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Ativan
  3. Alien Whale – Astral Projections And Suicidal Thoughts (Get their 10″ here!)
  4. Mo Kenney – In My Dreams
    • Telephones
    • Pretty Things
    • In My Dreams
  5. Sloan – Commonwealth
    • Keep Swinging (Downtown)
    • You`ve Got A Lot on Your Mind
    • You Don’t Need Excuses to Be Good

The Album Drop – September 23, 2014

Today, a look back at Polaris Prize 2014, plus new tunes from Zeus, J Mascis, Say Yes and much more! Stream today’s show here


  1. Say Yes – EP
    • Sleep Off The Morning
    • Euphoria
  2. Zeus – Classic Zeus
    • Everybody’s Got One
    • Where Is My Love
    • Straight Through The Light
  3. Tanya Tagaq – Uja
  4. J Mascis – Tied To A Star
    • Me Again
    • Wide Awake
    • Trailing Off

  5. Dead Soft – Emergency

The Album Drop – September 16, 2014

Today on the show, new tunes from Cold Specks , Cerebral Bakllzy, An Vriend, Jill Barber and much more! Stream it live by clicking here.


  1. Jill Barber – Fool’s Gold
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The Album Drop – September 9, 2014

An absolutely jam-packed show today with new Tunes from Death From Above 1979, illScarlett, Bahamas, Tennis and Teenager!


  1. Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World
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The Album Drop – Sepember 2, 2014

Today we look at new records from Interpol, The New Pornographers, Gob and The Provincial Archive. Plus in this weeks Music Meltdown, we look at an industry leading streaming music service that is starting to make it’s way into Canada. You don’t wanna miss this one.

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