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Weekend Music Round Up – July 30th, 2011

Rough night for Kings of Leon. Last night, the band was in Dallas, and singer Caleb Followill walked off stage – in search of a beer. The 29 year old frontman claimed to be dehydrated, not drunk, but failed to make it back to the stage. Bassist Jared Followell did come out to apologize, stating: “Fucking hate Caleb, not us. I don’t know what to say. It’s not our fault. It’s Caleb. He can’t play the rest of the show. We will be back as soon as possible” He continued on twitter:

And of course, someone taped it!!!!

No Amy Winehouse jokes. I don’t think it’s necessarily sad, or even terribly unexpected. But anytime someone that young and talented dies, it’s a damn shame. This is my favourite of all the covers floating around this week.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a secret show Wednesday night in Big Sur, California. This was the first show for new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, and saw the band accompanied by a keyboardist and a percussionist. The band played 5 songs off of their new record “I’m With You” (due August 30) along with several favourites from their storied career to the lucky 300 or so in attendance. See pictures and read more about the show Here

Jay-Z & Kayne West have managed to piss off independent record stores. The duo which will be hitting the road this fall, has created a bit of a stir based on how they are releasing their album. iTunes is receiving the album August 8th, and then Best Buy gets the deluxe edition August 12th. Everybody else gets the disc August 23rd. Needless to say, this has got independent retailers up in arms, read their open letter to the label, here

Feist has announced her new album will be called Metals, and will be released October 4th on Cherrytree/Interscope. It’s the follow up to her critically acclaimed 2007 album “The Reminder” and anticipation is already high. Her official website is beginning to fill up with teaser videos, and here is one of them.

Details about Nirvana’s 20th anniversary edition of Nevermind have started to flow. The Super Deluxe Edition is the most exciting thing that I have heard of since internet porn. Included in this collection is the original album, all commercial b-sides, The Smart Studio Sessions (Recorded with Butch Vig, which preceded the recording of the album), Demos recorded on a boombox (which precede the previously mentioned precedement), BBC Sessions, An Alternative mix of the Record, known as the Devonshire Mixes [Butch Vig’s take on how the album should have sounded), Music Videos for Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Come As Your Are & Lithium. Oh, and their Halloween ’91 show at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. And not just the audio. This show was the only Nirvana show ever shot on film. It was been converted to 1080p (HD) and is included in the collection. As if that wasn’t enough, a 90 page book containing rare and un-released photos and other assorted memorabilia is also included, along with one of Courtney Love’s used diaphrams (one of those is not true, and it’s not the music stuff). This collection is limited to 30 000 units, and will undoubtedly go down as a real collectors item. Read more, and get track listings here

The Arcade Fire is set to re-release their Grammy Award winning album “The Suburbs” next week. The repackaged edition will include an extended mix of the tune Wasted Hours, as well as new tracks Culture War & Speaking in Tounges, which features David Byrne from the Talking Heads. Here the whole album here

The Who are preparing a re-release to their 1973 rock opera Quadrophenia. The Director’s Cut Box Set will include previous unheard demos, an audio DVD, a hardcover book, photos and other assorted memorabilia. NME has the full story

I guess there are a lot of audio-philes out there. Vinyl numbers continue to increase across the board. In the UK, sales were up almost 55%. A lot of that is due to Radiohead’s “The King of Limbs” which sold almost 20 000 copies. A similar increase was also seen in North America. Keep in mind that vinyl sales continue to represent a very small percentage of overall sales, but a good sign things like Record Store Day will continue!

Meanwhile, major record labels continue to be up on the auction block. Recently, Warner Music Group has been up for sale, and now EMI is on the block. Understandable, there are several interested parties, and all the boring details are listed here

6% of Cars sold in 2011 will be internet radio ready. By 2015, that number is expected to rise to 14%. Read more here

A new Beach Boys album? Maybe…

Rage Against The Machine host a big show today. LA Rising will feature performances from Muse, Rise Against, Ms. Lauren Hill & immortal Technique. Expect bootlegs to hit the ‘net tomorrow.

Morrissey says the actions of McDonalds and KFC are much worse than what happened in Norway last week. Here’s the difference, the victims of the attack in Norway were people, and not delicious animals that were only hatched or born to later be consumed.

The Pixies continue to defy logic, which states that nostalgia can only push so far (as far as indie rock is concerned) The group is now offering a mobile app [for both iTunes and Android(!!!!)] The app is awesome! It features a download of their 2004 Coachella performance, and streams of several live shows, The Purple Tape and all the tour and band news you could use. I can’t speak for the iTunes store, but it’s hard to find in the Android store, so use the link on The Pixies Official Site

And finally, even those closest to the source can’t get their hands on the goods…

If SHE can't even get it....

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