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An Horse – July 30/11

Went to a great show last night at Cafe Dekcuf. Here are the details. First up was local act The Slim & Popular. These guys had a cool sound, sort of like Dinosaur Jr, or Kyuss, but with a modern, Canadian, watered down vibe. Solid set though.

The Slim & Popular

Lightburn - Rockin' Out

Nothing beats a band that's having fun

Chuck & Brandon

Following that was a great set from Lightburn. This local 4-piece has a certain pop-sensibility to their brand of garage rock. It creates a really cool dynamic of being indie-rock, yet still approachable. I feel it was kind of a shame they didn’t have anything to sell, as they had the crowd in their hand from first note to last. Their songs were well constructed, with lots of cool sounds. The band sounded full and tight. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go from here.

Closing out the show was Australian duo An Horse. This was my second time seeing them, and once again they did not let me down. Damon’s drums almost seemed like they would fall through the roof and in the bar at Mavericks, cause he was pounding them so hard, and Kate’s guitar had a much fuller sound than any solo instrument has the right to be. The band played a mix of songs from both their albums, and elicited a great response from the normally passive Ottawa crowd. Lots of great sing-along moments, and a really well polished performance. I really didn’t want their set to end, but I figured it would eventually, and unfortunately I was right. They made a killing at the merch table following the set, and hopefully those factors will bring them back to town sooner, rather than later.

Find out more about these bands:

An Horse
Lightburn – Includes A Free EP

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