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The Weekend Music Meltdown – Sept 24/11

Facebook has announced the details of how it’s music service will work. The short version is that if you sync your music streaming service of choice with your facebook, then your ‘friends’ can see what you’re playing, and have access to your playlists. Here is a list of a few features missing and there is another article discussing the service and the pluses and minuses of the service here

R.E.M. broke up. They had a pretty good run. Still kinda lame. You can read their 1987 Rolling Stone cover story here. At least there will be a greatest hits record ‘Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982 – 2011’ will feature new records from their last recording sessions, and hits stores November 15th.

Here is another trailer for ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ with more music from Oscar-Award winning composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Said The Whale have a new EP on the way. Exclaim has the details

It’s funny how a few million sales can make you change your mind. If I was more of a stickler, I’d have to call Adele a sellout. Check It Out

A great perspective of the last 40 years of the music industry:

Eight & A Half, the new project featuring Justin Peroff from Broken Social Scene and Dave & Liam from The Stills have a new track up:

Nirvana News

The 20th Anniversary Box Set is out this Tuesday. Read about the box, and hear some of the un-released stuff here

MTV News’ Kurt Loder talks about spending a night in a hotel with drunk Nirvana here

‘Kurt Cobain thought I sucked’ – says Dave Grohl.Maybe he wasn’t a genius.

This was an option for Dave Grohl after Nirvana broke up. Could have been interesting…

Ravi Shankar is still going strong at 91 years of age. Read about his experiences at Monterey, Woodstock, teaching George Harrison and more here

Here is your list of the best free downloads/streams this week:

  • Dan Mangan – The Vancouver based singer/songwriter who has previously been nominated for the Polaris Prize and was 2009’s XM Artist of the Year is back with a new record. “Oh Fortune” is streaming here
  • Toronto-Based Country influenced rockers Elliot Brood has their debut on Paper Bag Records set to come out next week. “Days Into Years” is streaming here
  • What a great week for Canadian Music. Also coming out this week is the new record from Ohbijou. ‘Metal Meets’ shows the indie-popsters growing as songwriters and musicians, and can be heard at this link
  • Mississauga Ska-Punk’s Treble Warriors have their debut EP available here
  • Mastodon has a new record coming out. The Hunter will be out next Tuesday, and is streaming right now on YouTube:

  • And finally, The Flaming Lips wrote a 6 hour song. Seriously.

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