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The Weekend Music Meltdown – October 8, 2011

How gross is this? Lady Gaga may end up being the new singer for Queen. She’s got Brian May’s support. More here.

“We have too much respect for our fans to just indulge in something for ourselves”

-Emily Haines. She speaks about the recording of the new Metric Album here

Man, I hope these guys don’t break up. Kevin Drew speaks to The Huffington Post. Also, here is footage from a recent show, where Broken Social Scene & Issac Brock do A Modest Mouse Tune. Eventually…

Flea & Thom Yorke speak about their new project, Atoms For Peace here

There is this song, Theme From A NOFX Album, where Fat Mike asks for someone to buy him a Bushmills. Bon Iver could help, click here to see what I mean

Spin Magazine will be moving to bimonthly publication, and increasing to a size that better resembles their original size (bigger). Here are all the details.

One of the year’s most talked about albums, Rome by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi is set to be adapted into a film. Exclaim has the details here

Nathan Williams from Wavves is working on a video game. He appears to be hands on with development, recently tweeting a picture of an early screenshot. The idea for the game will be similar to paperboy, but from a stoner, indie-rock perspective. Pitchfork has more here

Finally. A Krist Novocelic Signature Bass. Specs are located here

Idle Warship, the collaboration between Talib Kweli and Philadelphia singer/songwriter Res will release its first LP, Habits of the Heart, November 1st. Rolling Stone has a stream of the first single from the genre-bending project here. Kweli was also on Stephen Colbert this week, with Mos Def, performing as Black Star. If you live in Canada, you can watch it here.

Gorillaz have announced a Greatest Hits Album. The Singles Collection 2001-2011 will showcase their hits, as well as some obscure stuff. The release will be available on CD, CD/DVD Combo Pack, Vinyl and 7″ Box Set, and hits stores November 29.

Aside from recently signing to Mercury Records, The Gaslight Anthem have also been working on an iTunes Session. Rolling Stone has a stream of their cover of Pearl Jam’s State of Love & Trust here

Here’s a weird one. Apparently there is a Tupac Sex Tape. Someone has seen it, and offers a review here. My favourite part of the story is where he embraces a friend, in the midst of shooting the tape.

Ever wonder how those streaming services pay the artists from their music? You still will, but here’s a dim blub to blanket a light glow on this dark corner of the music business. This is how GrooveShark does it. Also, here is an article about how Rdio pays out artists. Also, a representative from Rhapsody tows the line at this link.

There are some serious changes on the horizon as far as copyright law in Canada is concerned. Are you aware of the changes? If not, check this out.

Dave Grohl is making a documentary about Sound City Studios, the place where they recorded Nevermind. Check out the trailer below.

Finally, if you are going to be in the Ottawa area next weekend, The Sheepdogs will be performing at CD Warehouse on Clyde Ave in Nepean, next Saturday, October 15th @ 2PM

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