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Weekend Music Meltdown – October 16, 2011

The Black Keys have announced their new album. “El Camino” will arrive December 6th. The lead single, ‘Lonely Boy’, will be released October 26. The album was produced by Danger Mouse, who also produced their 2008 album “Attack & Release”. #stoked

Sonic Youth’s Thurson Moore & Kim Gordon have announced a split after 27 years of marriage. No word on how this will affect the band, but it probably will. The groups’ planned tour of South America this November will continue, but what will happen after that is anyone’s guess. Here is the Sonic Youth version of The Simpsons Theme, voted by Matt Groening as his favourite interpretation of that tune:

This may sound crazy, but there was a protest somewhere, and sure enough, Tom Morello was there. In all seriousness, this Occupy Wall Street activity has been going on for weeks. Watch Morello play here

Imagine if your band gets a great slot, opening for The Foo Fighters, and then tragedy strikes; Your drummer’s appendix bursts. Why not just ask Dave? (He might say yes)

Mikey Welsh, former bassist for Weezer has died at 40. He saw it coming, which is weird. More here and also here.

College Radio Day was this past Tuesday. Here are 2 different articles detailing how Corporate America may kill college radio. Here is the first and the second one is here

Canadian Record retailer HMV doesn’t want to go out of business. I like buying CD’s too. Read their plan here

Why are artists streaming their albums for free, before they come out? Alan Cross Weighs In

More on Billy Corgan’s venture into The Wrestling Business (Also, as someone who has previously tried to enter said business, I really hope he doesn’t waste use too much money on it)

If you’ve never seen the At: Guitar Center Podcast, check it out. This week’s feature is Sublime With Rome. Previous bands featured include Thrice, Bad Religion and City & Colour.

Here’s Tennis covering The Zombie’s hit Tell Her No. It’s awesome:

Stream the new record from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds here

Tegan & Sara have announced details of their new DVD-CD Combo. “Get Along” will hit store shelves November 15th, and includes a live CD and 3 short films. One about an American Tour, one which documents an Indian Tour and one showcasing a performance in Vancouver, which is also wher the CD comes in. No word yet as to whether or not the sisters will continue with their planned hiatus.

While working on a new record (set to arrive in “early 2012”) Metric will also score a movie. Cosmopolis will be directed by David Cronenberg and stars Robert Pattinson & Paul Giamatti (which is a shame, cause I love his movies). Read more here including how the fire at a warehouse in England has caused the release of their new remix album to be delayed.

Singer-Songwriter Lissie has decided to do something I had only dreamed about. November 8th is when “Covered Up With Flowers” will hit store shelves, and will see Lissie tackle tunes by Metallica, Lada Gaga, Nice Cave, Joe South, and this one:

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