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The Darcys – “The Darcys”

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The Darcys are a four piece that are now based out of Toronto. They formed in Halifax and have had their share of up & down’s. On the eve of what was beginning to look like a huge opportunity at Canadian Music Week, their singer quit. Ben Rayner from The Toronto Star wrote a great article about it. But this is a band that hasn’t let anything stand in their way.

Guitar/Keyboardist Jason Couse stepped up and assumed the roll of frontman, and they haven’t looked back. This is their first release on Arts & Crafts (3rd overall) and was produced by Murray Lightburn of The Dears – someone the band had sought out to work with. In short, it’s a fantastic album. It sounds like butter; rich and smooth. A sonic adventure without a wasted note. Every song is a voyage, and listening cover to cover is almost unstoppable. The group has a firm grasp of how much room their is in the auditory spectrum and is ready to explore it.

Songs like ‘House Built Around Your Voice’ show their ability to transition seamlessly from a dark, sludgy riff to a brighter melody which may bring comparisons to Radiohead. Couse’s rich, deep voice reminds me of Jeff Martin in the lower registry, but songs like ‘Glasnost’ show the strength of his range. Wes Marskell’s drumming is precise, and really drives along the complex melodies the rest of the guys are putting down.

I really like this record. I’m looking forward to listening to it again when compiling my best of the year list. I feel their sound will even bring me back sooner. It’s a great listen. Looking forward to their show Nov. 10 at Ritual.

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