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The Music Meltdown – November 13, 2011

The 1%
Jay-Z has announced his Rocawear clothing line will be producing the “Occupy All Streets” T-Shirt you see him wearing above. This ‘show of solidarity’ may be great for Mr. Carter’s image, but the fact that a Rocawear spokesperson has gone on the record to say: “At this time we have not made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement.” shows that he is only looking out for himself. I’m shocked it took this long for someone to monetize these protests. **Update**: Jay-Z has now said the shirts will not be released, probably due to the backlash.

It seems like Broken Social Scene is done. On the record, the collective is “on hiatus” following their “final show” earlier this week in Rio. Co-Founder Brendan Canning has a new album in the can, which he is shopping around. Drummer Justin Peroff has a new band with former members of The Stills, which is coming out in 2012. Maybe it’s true. If so, this is how it ended:

Avril Lavigne got in a fight. From the sounds of it, she got her ass kicked. NME has the details. At least her phone was okay:

Congratulations to Sound of Lions for being named Best New Act and for being awarded Best Album from the readers of Ottawa Xpress. The award winning record, “11:44” is streaming on their website.

The music industry got a bit smaller on Friday, after the assets of EMI Music were sold off. 4.1 Billion Dollars the combined total for what Universal spent for the artists, and what Sony payed for the publishing rights. The Wall Street Journal has all the facts.

Rivers Cuomo has a new box-set on the way. “The Pinkerton Diaries” will be available December 12th and documents the turbulent period between the release of Pinkerton and the several years out of the limelight that followed. The 237 Page book will include lyrics, journals emails and papers from his time at Harvard, as well as a CD – Volume 3 of his solo series (Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo). This could all be your for just $75 from his website

More on The Roots latest album ‘Undun’ including where the title came from & working with Sufjan Stevens: Here

Sigur Rós is hard at work on a new record. Pitchfork has the details

Drummer Lee Barratt says Gallows will have a new EP before the end of the year. He describes the new work as “Unapologetic Hardcore Punk.” More here

Rap Pioneer Heavy D passed away earlier this week. Autopsy results will determine the cause of death, but fowl play as been ruled out. He was 44.

Crime affects us all. Carl Newman of The New Pornographers was the victim of a smash & grab. Exclaim has the details, basically they just took some iPads.

A couple of artists from St. Louis claim they gave some tunes to Andy Samberg to use with The Lonely Island, and were not compensated for it. So they’re suing (Like A Boss).

If you ever wanted to own some of Michael Jackson’s stuff including the bed he died in, now you can. AUX has more info.

Frank Black has launched his own record label. The Bureau will be the home to Black’s records, as well as “the next big new sexy thing.”

I’ve never seen the show ‘Portlandia’ but with their recent announcement of some rockin’ guest stars: Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock, Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones & The Smith’s Johnny Marr, I may have to.

The generally consensus appears that Lou Reed & Metallica’s “Lulu” is a flop. Reviews are terrible, Audiences seem unimpressed[Warning – this link contains video footage of them playing together.] Yet they’ve still managed to get Oscar-Nominated director Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, Black Swan) to direct a video.

The Black Keys are in negotiations to score a film

Radiohead is heading out on the road again. Several North American dates have been announced, and you can view them here. Nothing anywhere near Ottawa, yet. Rumor has it they will headline Coachella this year, so let’s expect more shows to be announced.

Here‘s a story on how HMV is staying in business, in spite of people not buying music anymore.

Alan Cross’ blog is absolutely fantastic. This week he wrote about the time Dave Grohl quit Nirvana, as well as how Pearl Jam almost called it quits. Good Reading.

New Music

Sloan has what will hopefully be the first in a series of official ‘bootlegs’ heading for the shelves. “Is That All I Get?” will be available Tomorrow, via their official website, and features a fan-recorded show from Winnipeg in 1993. More here

Cee Lo Green has teamed up with Rivers Cuomo to release a new single. ‘Anyway’ will be available November 28th as part of the Platinum Edition of his album “The Lady Killer” – watch it here:

The R.E.M. Tributes continue to pour in. Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional is set to release his first solo album. “Covered In The Flood” will have 10 songs, all of which are covers and the first is ‘It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ – Hear it here.

Thrice recently recorded an Acoustic Performance of a few songs from Major/Minor. Check it out: here

The Arkells have a new track from “Michigan Left” available for the cost of your email address. Check the right side bar of

Denver-based indie rockers Tennis have a new record on the way, “Young and Old” will hit stores February 14th. The husband & wife team’s release is produced by Patrick Carney, who plays the drums and twiddles the faders for The Black Keys. Hear ‘Origins’ (The First Single) right here:


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