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Canadian Music Fans in the Digital Age

I`ve seen A LOT of these messages.

Yesterday`s announcement of Google Music, and exclusive releases from The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band & Pearl Jam had me excited. Until I went there and was unable to access it, due to my geographical location. As an Android user I was especially stoked for the digital music store and a reason to do something with my Google+ Account. This type of inaccessibility is common when you get north of the 49th Parallel. European firm Spotify garnered major attention this summer, when it was announced their streaming platform would allow users to share their music with friends on Facebook. I went to sign up, only to get one of these:

I guess my biggest problem here is that I don’t like iTunes. It slows down any computer I’ve ever used. I really wanted an excuse to get away from using it, and as of now, I feel like I don’t. Google Music seems to have everything, The Social Aspect, The Music Store and The Digital Locker. Programs like Rdio and GrooveShark are cool, but if I want to stream, I’m just gonna use YouTube. If I’m putting money into a product, I’d like something tangible to come out of it. Even if that something is an MP3 file.


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