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The Music Meltdown – November 20, 2011

Here’s a massive shock – Courtney Love is nuts. Recently at a show in Brazil, she berated members of the crowd for holding up a picture of Kurt Cobain, encouraged fans to shout negative comments about Dave Grohl and played some tunes without a top. All Class. Spinner sums it up well. To see the NSFW pic of Courtney addressing her breast,
click here.

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready says the band will be heading into the studio in March to work on a new album!!! More here.

This weeks launch of Google Music had me pretty amped up. Basicially, I love Google, I use Android and as a resident of Canada I’m screwed. However, Alan Cross may have found a way around the geographical restrictions!

Meanwhile, leading music-streaming site GrooveShark is facing a huge lawsuit from Universal. The label is heading for the jugular.

Kid Cudi has finally released some details about his new rock-oriented project. “WZRD” is the name of the collaboration with Dot da Genius and the yet-untitled record is set for release in early 2012. The album is geared toward a wider audience, without profanity or use of the ‘n’ word. This direction has upset some of Cudi’s fans, who’ve gone to Twitter to share their discontent:

I don’t think this is real, but man is it funny. Wanna see Slayer’s Tour Rider. I’d like to see that sandwich plate…

Here’s a great article, discussing artists we love to hate, specifically Nickelback & Lulu (Lou Reed & Metallica). It’s quite insightful.

Apparently, Female musicians never get laid. I don’t buy it.

Another great series I found this week is called “Things Music Critics Hate.” Volume 1 is on Coldplay and Volume 2 is on bands like Foster The People, Young The Giant, Cage The Elephant & Portugal. The Man.

Gwen Stefani talks about why a new No Doubt record is taking so long.

Who does a parody of their own song (besides the Baha Men?) Biz Markie. He takes his hit “Just A Friend” and adapts it for National Unfriend Day: Watch it here!

Timber Timbre has released a new video for “Swamp Magic” from their Polaris Prize Nominated album ‘Creep On Creepin’ On’ – it’s streaming below:

Gallows have released a bit more information about their new EP, the first with Wade MacNeil. It’s a 7″ called Death is Birth, and it’ll be out in a few weeks. More details here

Here is the latest video from The Red Hot Chili Peppers for ‘Monarchy of Roses’

New DJ Shadow:

DJ Shadow “Scale It Back” from Ewan Jones Morris on Vimeo.

New Music

The good people at Urbnet have given up a stream of the highly anticipated new record from D-Sisive – ‘Run WIth The Creeps’

White Denim have a single from their new EP “Takes Place In Your Work Space” called ‘No Real Reason’ available as a stream/download:

There is also a new J. Mascis single coming out this Tuesday. The “A” Side of the 7″ is a cover of Edie Brickell’s ‘Circle’ and the “B” Side is called I’ve Been Thinking and is streaming below. Pre-Order the record here.

Common has a new video for the song “Sweet”. It’s from the upcoming record The Dreamer/The Believer set to be released December 20th. Read more about the record here, and enjoy the video below:


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