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The Music Meltdown – November 27, 2011

Do you use Firefox or Chrome to surf the net? Do you also hate Nickelback? Then you absolutely NEED NickelBLOCK. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Get it here.

This was a tough week for fans of the post-punk genre, as Thrice announced a drastic slowdown to their output, and Thursday saying this current tour will be their last and then that’s it. Shitty.

Elvis Costello has a new box set out. It’s looks like it would be pretty cool, in spite of the high price tag. That having been said, the man himself says NOT to buy it. Check out Elvis’ Blog.

Another Record Store Day release is from The Black Keys. It’s the 10″ single for their tune “Lonely Boy” – and to celebrate the boys have made a new video, showing the pressing of the record, and some cool cinematography – plus here’s another video showing how it plays backwards!!!:

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy (RSD Exclusive) from wbrdigital on Vimeo.

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor talks about the inspiration behind the band’s new album, and his thoughts on Producer Rick Rubin. (They don’t quite see eye to eye)

In case you missed it, Wilco released a new EP for Record Store Day’s Black Friday earlier this week. The details are here, and this is a new tune:

Pearl Jam has made their latest series of bootlegs available. The first leg of their fall 2011 Canadian tour (including the show in Ottawa) is now available through their store.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have also started to sell live bootlegs. Check out their work At”

Another group making their live recordings available for consumption is Fugazi. The traditionally un-commercial group has started an archive to showcase a vast collection of live recordings. Read more about it in this New York Times article.

Raekwon has set up an office for his record label in Toronto. The Chef has a spot on Yonge Street to sign upcoming rappers to the Ice H20 imprint. Raekwon says he will release Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt 3 on the label. More here.

The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb talks about his recent brush with death.

Imagine if there was an interactive map, that you could use to cross-reference Nirvana’s tour history and their live archive on YouTube. If that tickles your fancy, you should Check This Out!!!

Dave Stewart talks to Noise11 while on tour with Stevie Nicks and performs the song “So Long Ago” from his new record ‘The Blackbird Diaries’ – Check it out.

Can someone teach these women how to dress. Courtney Love & Lady Gaga both went out this week, and almost showed too much.

Michael Stipe & Mike Mills, formerly of R.E.M (How weird is that to see???) sit down with Pitchfork, to discuss everything.

The good people at Spin Magazine have put together this infographic, socially classifying the Rap game:

Hip-Hop's social class, defined

…And now for a bit of history. This may be the first ever recording of Sonic Youth:

Here is an ongoing list of Classic Album Covers as viewed through Google Street View.

Radiohead recorded a tape, back when they were just lads at Oxford. Pitchfork has the details and you can stream the tunes below to find out what 1986 Radiohead sounded like:

New Music

Another unreleased Amy Winehouse tune has been leaked, ahead of the upcoming release of “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” – enjoy ‘Halftime’

Lupe Fiasco has a new mixtape. “Friend Of The People” is the long-awaited mixtape, originally announced as an x-mas release in 2009. Lots of cool samples on this one, and you can read all about it, and find the link here.

Kid Cudi’s Alternative Rock project, WZRD have released their first single as a free download. Download “Brake” here

2 new tunes from Black Star:
Black Star – “Fix Up”

Black Star – “You Already Knew”

There is also a new holiday record comings out on December 6th. Christmas with The Salads and Friends is possibly the first ever reggae-ska themed x-mas album. Get a free download of The Salads take on Santa Claus is Coming To Town here, and check this out:

Reggae Star Little Roy has announced a new single from his Nirvana Tribute Album ‘Battle For Seattle’ – You can hear a few of the tunes here.

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