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WZRD is not a typical album by Kid Cudi. With this project, Cudi, along with producer Dot Da Genius wanted to create a rock album. Distorted guitars, full sounding drums, a little bit of keys and a whole pile of reverb on the vocal mics creates a record that still resembles a hip-hop record, yet lands somewhere between the electro-prog of the early-mid eighties and the trippier studio-generated sounds of artists like Nine Inch Nails. There are a few subtle differences here when compared to Kid’s back catalogue, including an obvious lack of profanity and misogyny. A move mentioned to the press early into the promotion of this record, as an inclusive measure. Instead the lyrical content on this focuses on self-development and introspection. Following the intro, `High on Life` is the first vocalized track , and is almost comically ironic, given the lyrical content of the 28 year old`s previous works. `The Dream Time Machine` continues along the same spacy, cloudy, haze-y road, while `Love Hard` is more in the vein of the Indie Rock that came out of the British Isles in the early 2000`s. `Teleport 2 Me, Jamie` meanwhile, is a straight-up love song, which serves as a transition to a more straight-ahead second half. The down-tempo “Efflictim” features a lovely string arrangement, and touches on existence and love. “Dr. Pill” is another well-illustrated chapter in Kid’s verbal diary about drug use. Also included on this record is a cover of Lead Belly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” – and I think it’s great that it doesn’t resemble the Nirvana version at all. One part I should mention is that many of the songs have a long fadeout, which was frustrating on the first listen, but after a couple of times through, I realized that it is supposed to be some soft of auditory sorbet, meant to cleanse the ear before the next piece. This record is just awesome. It would work in the club, in the car and on Alternative radio stations. I want to see him tour it now.

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