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The Music Meltdown – March 5, 2012

Well, maybe Mr. Rager is an appropriate nickname for Kid Cudi. His new record, the rock oriented WZRD came out this week, (I wrote a review, and you can read that here) and the 28 year old MC Reportedly Flipped Out at a listening party, then took to Twitter, and called out his “Weak Ass Label” for not promoting it well enough.

Saturday was Lou Reed’s 70th birthday. Here’s a really quick bio on the legendary musician. No one expected him to make it this far in life. After all, this is the guy who wrote “Heroin”.

As we have documented earlier, Swedish Hardcore legends Refused are back, after a 14 year layoff. The group is set to play the festival circuit this summer, but to warm up, they played a secret show in their hometown of Umeå an example of what to expect (and you can enjoy it below):

Warner Music is taking the battle for space in the digital marketplace to a whole new level. They call it The Warner Sound, and they say it will revolutionize streaming video services. Their new YouTube Channel will include web-exclusive content unlike anything else out there. More info on this movement is available here.

The Tragically Hip have announced a pair of Canada Day concerts, one in the Niagara Region & another near Orillia (both about an hour from Toronto) with Death Cab For Cutie, New Pornographers & The Rural Alberta Advantage. Tickets are on sale now, and can be found here.

Jack White was awesome on Saturday Night Live this week. Watch it here.
Oh yeah, Radiohead will play Toronto & Montreal. Ottawa is still awesome, though.

Upcoming Releases

Record Store Day #5 is on the horizon. April 21st is when it falls this year, so start saving now. This list appears to be rather comprehensive, and frequently updated. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Death Cab For Cutie Remix album. For the record, I am still a fan, even after dropping 10 bucks on this release last RSD:

Here’s a clip of Kurt Cobain’s vocals from Smells Like Teen Spirit, without anything to accompany it. It’s hauntingly good, (but will not let embedding take place) so enjoy it here.

Legendary Ska/Hardcore band Operation Ivy will re-release their entire catalog (both the Energy LP & The Hectic EP) this coming April. This article tells how Tim Armstrong bought the rights to the recordings and that the new records will be available April 17th.

Now that the dust has settled from the demise of Broken Social Scene, the former members of that group can look onward to new projects, or they can reform their old bands. The latter is the case with Brenden Canning as his band Cookie Duster is finally releasing their 2nd album. The prolific singer-songwriter had shelved the prospect of a follow up to 2001’s eponymous debut with the success of BSS as well as his 2008 solo record ‘Something for All of Us…’ The record ‘When Flying Was Easy’ will be out May 15th, but you can stream the 1st single “Two Feet Stand Up” over at Pitchfork.

(More) New Music

Norah Jones has released the first single of her new record. The Danger Mouse produced album ‘Little Broken Hearts’ will be available on May 1st, but until then you can enjoy the tune “Happy Pills” below:

Gorillaz latest project is a collaboration featuring Andre 3000 (Outcast) and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) called DoYaThing. The track was cut for a project financed by Converse. Below is the single edit which is the track for the video, and there is also a 13-minute jamout version you can stream here.

That may not have even been the most exciting thing Damon has done this week, as another of his bands, Rocket Juice & The Moon (featuring Flea on bass and Tony Allen on percussion) released their debut single. “Hey Shooter” features the vocal talent of Erykah Badu and can be found on the groups’ self-titled record which hits shelves March 27, but in the meantime, you can stream it here:

Buffalo’s Every Time I Die are set to release album #6 ‘Ex-Lives’ through Epitaph Records this coming Tuesday. If you absolutely cannot wait until then, here it is:

Here’s another full album stream. It’s from Brampton, Ontario’s The Junction, and their new record ‘Grievances’ which is set to hit store shelves next week.

The much anticipated record from Vancouver’s Said The Whale has also hit the net a few days early. Stream the whole thing here.

This tune first appeared on K’Naan’s EP ‘More Beautiful Than Silence’ which came out earlier this year, and it’s a bumper, so he’s decided to put it on his full length, ‘Country, God or the Girl’ which is set to come out May 1st. It also features the wonderful sounds of Nelly Furtado:

Cowboy Junkies have a new single. “Fairytail” will be found on ‘The Wilderness’ – the 4th and final installment of their Nomad Series of records. They have a really cool deal on their website, where for a cost of $150.00 (USD) you get access to hundreds of songs on their website, as well as a hardcover book that ties in to the theme of this project. If that’s too rich for your blood, enjoy the free tune below:

Formerly of Vancouver, now based out of Toronto, Octoberman is back with a new record. His time had been occupied with the move, as well as healing from a vocal polyp, but his follow-up to 2009’s ‘Fortresses’ will be on store shelves this coming Tuesday. Would you like to hear his brand of folk-pop before that, then click here. (Thanks Exclaim!) – Those fine cats at Exclaim! also have a stream up of Dine Alone Records latest release, the EP ‘No Sleep’ from Australia’s DZ Deathrays – which you can stream here.

Oh, and Madonna has another tune that has leaked in advance of MDNA, which is set to come out March 26. Check out the lyric video for “Girl Gone Wild” below (Also, I wonder where that title came came from?):

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