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The Music Meltdown – March 25, 2012

There are much worse bands than Nickelback … Maybe.

Patrick Carney (Black Keys) keeps it real. Watch their recent interview with MTV Canada at Spinner

The 2012 Osheaga Lineup has been announced. August 3-5 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal is where you can see such acts as The Black Keys, Bloc Party, Snoop Dogg, Franz Ferdinand, The Shins, Florence + The Machine, Garbage, Metric, Feist, MGMT and many, many more. Details, including ticket info is available here. 3-day passes are just over $200.

The Juno Awards are next weekend here in Ottawa. Aside from the awards ceremony itself, there are also a variety of events, including the awesome JunoFest, and details for all of these festivities can be found here.

Feist has announced tour dates. No show booked for Ottawa yet, but the schedule has lots of

Sony has a new streaming music service. Music Unlimited is a cloud-based service, similar to Spotify or Rdio, available on your PC, PS3, PSP, Android and soon, many more devices. No word yet whether security has been beefed up, following last year’s issue with the PlayStation Network, but this article has more info.

It’s just nice to see a streaming service marketing towards the Canadian Market. Alan Cross explains why more services do not.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will hold their annual induction ceremony April 14th. No word yet on if GUns & Roses will play, but there will be appearences by The Beastie Boys (Inducted by Chuck D) & The Red Hot Chili Peppers (inducted by Chris Rock) plus many more. Details are listed here.

Denver’s Tennis appeared on Jay Leno earlier this week, and you can watch their stellar performance here.

Wu-Tang Clan founding member GZA spoke at MIT earlier this week. The rap icon has spoke at both Harvard & MIT in recent months, and here are some notes from This Week’s Lecture.

Keeping with the theme of awesome people lecturing at American Universities, The Arcade Fire spoke at The University of Texas recently, during a lecture series about Haiti. The group played 2 songs, “Haiti” (naturally) and “Wake Up” and the video is streaming below:

The Shins were at the Ed Sullivan Theater recently, to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman. The group played for a whole hour, and you can stream it here.

The CBC has a story on Canadian Bands, and why there have been so many reunions lately. It’s not just the money [or that’s the story, and they’re sticking to it] – read it here.

Upcoming Releases

Record Story Day is April 21st. It is gonna be wild. Here are some of this week’s highlights:

  • Sup Pop Record’s have a few
  • The Flaming Lips have collaborations with Ke$ha, Yoko Ono, Chris Martin and many more
  • Noel Gallagher has a new EP
  • Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Mike Watt have a record on the way as well, details on the project are here.
  • Domino Records has a cool magazine full of Flexi-Discs
  • Meanwhile, San Francisco label Tompkins Square has a pile of 78’s on the way.
  • The Full list is available for your viewing pleasure here.

    New Music

    Beck has a new tune. The singer/songwriter has been keeping it low-key the last few years. Keeping his skills at the board, instead of in front of the mic. He steps back into the more familiar role with this tune from the soundtrack to the film “Jeff Who Lives At Home” and is called “Looking For A Song”:

    The Mars Volta have a new record coming out this Tuesday. But if you cannot wait until then, Rolling Stone has The Stream.

    Here’s Fiona Apple doing a new tune “Anything We Want”

    The good people at Stereogum have footage from SXSW featuring Norah Jones playing a new tune. Click Here to watch live footage of “Say Goodbye”

    Let’s say live music isn’t your thing. (Maybe you don’t like the wooo’s) That’s cool. Ms. Jones also has a new studio cut available for your listening pleasure. Enjoy Travelin’ On below (Her world tour brings her to Canada at the beginning of July, dates here):

    The latest from Sufjan Stevens, a project called s/s/s featuring Son Lux and Serengeti is available to stream here.

    The Melvins have a 7″ out with The Unsane. Stream both tracks from the record here. (This may be the only place you can hear it, as it’s already sold out.)


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