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The Music Meltdown – May 20, 2012

Jack White continues to make headlines. The former Stripe got into it with the Guinness Book of Records people. Back in 2007, White was playing a show in Newfoundland, and had tried to set the world record for the shortest concert of all time. Exclaim! has the details, (and the footage). Guinness tells NME that they included the stat in their 2009 edition, but far too many attempts to break this record have come before them. They encourage the singer/songwriter to attempt one of the 40,000 other records in their book.

It was a tough week for the loss of music legends. First we lost Donna Summer to cancer. She was 63. (See how the music world reacted here). Later in the week, we said goodbye to former Crowded House Drummer Peter Jones. He was 45. Following that, we got word last night that The Bee Gee’s Robin Gibb is dead. He was 62.

Do ya ever hear the music in a TV commercial and think you recognize the song (but know in your heart that the artist would never sell out – at least not like that)? Such is the case with the group Beach House. The net has lit up in regards to speculation about how this came down, and the group has taken a break from promoting their new album to address this issue. Our friends at Exclaim! have the full story, videos of the tune in question, the controversial ad and more here. While we’re talking about Beach House, their new album Bloom in in stores now, and they were on Letterman earlier this week. Check it:

Music’s favourite freedom fighter was in action again this week. Tom Morello was in Chicago this week to show his support for a group called National Nurses United. This got a lot of attention from mainstream media, including Rolling Stone and Spinner(A Subsidiary of AOL).

Alan Cross posted this killer documentary about Freddie Mercury. You can check it out here.

Let the debate begin. British Music magazine NME has released a list of the Best Songs of the 90’s. Spoiler Alert: Pulp – Common People. The full list is here.

In Beatles News, an Apple Records Belt Buckle just sold on eBay for almost $1500. A Belt Buckle.

Upcoming Releases

Matisyahu has a new record on the way. Artist Direct is reporting ‘Spark Seeker’ will be out in July, and Matisyahu will be touring the US with The Dirty Heads.

New Music

There could be more, but here is a couple of tune from what the Foo Fighters have dubbed ‘The Million Dollar Demo’ – these tracks were recorded prior to 2002’s ‘One By One’ and have yet to see the light of day. Dig it:

Goodie Mob are back! The group that helped to make Cee-Lo Green a household name (or put him in a position to do Gnarles Barkley, which made him a household name). There is a new record on the way, and already, we have some new tunes. “Is That You God?” is a new one from a movie called ‘The Obama Effect’ and you can watch the video for “Fight To Win” below:

Ottawa Hip-Hip group ANTIKS have a new single. Stream/Download “Contra” Below:

Ryan Adams covered Danzig at a recent show in Paris. Here’s his take on Mother:


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