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Music Meltdown – June 10, 2012

D-Sisive keeps it real. Scroll Down for a new track!

Universal Music has gone to far. Rolling Stone reports that a blogger trying to restore the earliest parts of R.E.M.’s catalogue has received a shut-down notice from the multi-national record label, citing a violation of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The crazy part, is the blog (The Power of Independent Trucking) remastered a demo the Athens, GA based group released as an independent band. Wild stuff. Bookmark The R.E.M Cycle Site to read the notices the label has sent. (The .mp3’s have been pulled, but there are still .flac’s available!!)

Reclusive R&B Star D’Angelo made a surprise appearance at this weekend’s Bonnaroo festival. Joining Questlove’s All-Star Jam and covering some classic tunes. It was his first US appearance in 12 years. The Huffington Post has the details, including an interview with Questlove – it’s here!

A Beatles museum in Hamburg, Germany will close at the end of this month, due to a lack of interest. The 5-story “Beatlemania” museum is suffering from a lack of business. The facility receives no support from the government, and the ongoing financial crisis in Europe is said to be another factor. NME has details about the museum and it’s fight.

Madonna, in the midst of her world tour decided to do something different. While performing her hit “Human Nature” the aging popstar decided to show the crowd her nipple. I guess this is #NSFW but it’s only for a second. (Skip to the 3:00 mark, if you wanna see it). Still, it’s nowhere near as bad as her book from the 90’s, “Sex”.

The Flaming Lips managed to piss off Erykah Badu this week. The soulful singer ripped a piece off of singer Wayne Coyne for releasing an unfinished, totally NSFW video featuring Badu, and Badu’s younger sister in some very racy shots. She also calls him out for general unprofessionalism, the mix of the song and accuses the Lips’ front man of using shock tactics to get attention. Read the whole thing, plus Coyne’s “cheeky” response here. (Thanks to Pitchfork)

The Melvins are set to embark on a rather ambitious tour. The hard rock icons are attempting to break the world record for the Fastest US Tour by playing 51 shows in 51 days across the lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington D.C. The group just released a new record too, and you can read all about it at Exclaim!.

Japandroids were on Jimmy Fallon. They play 2 cuts from Celebration Rock, and you can watch ’em both here

Kid Cudi has announced his new record will be called “Indicud” – No release date yet, or any indication of who will release it, but the Kid has announced it will be his “The Chronic” where he’ll write some, sing some and even produce some. Should be awesome.

“…she reminds me of moi!”

-Miss Piggy on Adele. She and Kermit discuss new music with Spin. (Seriously).

Brendan Canning was on the End Hits Podcast, talking about his new record with Cookie Duster, and what else he’s been doing to stay busy. Get it here.

New Music

Muse’s new album will be out in September. Check out “The Second Law” trailer below:

Radiohead was caught trying out a new tune while on tour in Cincinnati this week. Check out “Full Stop” below:

Grizzly Bear is back. (Almost). The outsider indie rockers will release ‘Warp229’ (According to the US iTunes Store) in September. The first single, “Sleeping Ute” is streaming below.

D-Sisive has a new cut. This one is set to the beat of Cage’s – “(Down) the Left Hand Path”.

Ottawa’s own White Wires has a new 7″ coming out this summer. You can stream the A side below.


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