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The Music Meltdown – June 18, 2012

Photo courtesy CITY TV

Radiohead had to cancel their sold-out in Toronto this past weekend. The ever-eclectic group fell victim to a stage collapse. 3 people were injured and drum tech Scott Johnson was killed. Here’s a screenshot of what looks like today (thusfar their only statements). CITY TV has more here.

Radiohead dot com

Jack White confirmed that there had been some sort of path crossing between himself and Radiohead, at his Third Man Studio’s in Nashville. He was rather cryptic about it. Details about it here.

The Long list for the 2012 Polaris Prize has been released. It’s awesome. Here’s a great link to where you can hear everything, (at least what each band offers up publicly) and over at this link here is a list of fun facts about this years nominees. (2 previous winners, Patrick Watson & Fucked Up are nominated again).

The Stone Roses’ first tour in sixteen years started off bumpy. While in Amsterdam, singer Ian Brown flipped out on drummer Reni. You can watch the tirade below. The group were apparently done says their management (they often don’t play encores), and did not, nor will not (and have yet to) miss any shows.

Lauryn Hill is facing charges of tax evasion. The reclusive vocalist is facing some hefty fines and possibly jail time. You can read about the charges and her response here.

The percentage of people listening to traditional, Broadcast Radio in the US has gone UP, compared to last year.

If you’re like me, and you use soundcloud and twitter, then you’ll probably dig how you can now Put a soundcloud player into a tweet!

Running for public office? Try and get Pearl Jam’s support. Those guys do it up!.

A couple of unreleased Layne Staley tunes are set to be used in a new movie. The premise is cool too. It’s about a rock critic who decides to run for city council. More about the origin of these tunes and the film here.

Here’s something cool. It’s a world map of Metal Bands per 100,000 residents. Enjoy:

Click to enlarge. Photo courtesy The Daily Rock

Nickelback knows how we feel about them. They’re okay with it.

New Tunes

System of a Down’s Serj Tankian has a new record on the way. The first single, “Figure It Out” is streaming below:

Dinosaur Jr. has announced a new album. ‘I Bet On Sky’ will be out in September. More info here.

Are The Strokes working on a new record? Maybe, but certainly not officially. Pitchfork has the details.

Cat Power definitely has a new record coming out. ‘Sun’ will be out in September. She talks about the album here.

Metric does 3 tunes from Synthetica, plus a Tom Waits cover on their new Rolling Stone Session.

Tennis gets the remix treatment from Vacationer. Apparently, it’s their first remix. Enjoy:

Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard used this weeks new Twitter/Soundcloud embedding service to tweet about his cover of Stars’ “Set Yourself On Fire” – it’s streaming below:

Passion Pit have a new record on the way. There is an exclusive tune over at NME.

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