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Propagandhi & Comeback Kid – Ritual (September 27, 2012)

My evening started just as Winnipeg Hardcore group Comeback Kid took to the little stage at Ritual. Bodyguards, firmly worded signs and a dangerously low ceiling kept the crowd from surfing, but the vibe was electric. I spoke to singer Andrew Neufeld earlier this week, and during our conversaton, he was worried about his voice quality, with this being only the 3rd show of the tour, the concern was that his pipes hadn’t reached their full potential. I feel that was a needless worry. This band killed it. Great energy, awesome tunes, that literately had the crowd climbing over each other to help sing along to:

I then battled my way through what must have been an over-capacity crowd to obtain a refreshment. It was at this point that I was informed this was an all ages show. I’m glad, as we don’t have as many of those as we should in this town. The bar was pretty damn crowded though, which makes a concert cell phone user like me turn into that asshole who keeps elbowing you. (Sorry.) Following a quick soundcheck the lights dimmed again, and we were treated to…

Canadian Foreign Policy Critic Yves Engler. Seriously.

Not to take anything away from Mr. Engler’s speaking abilities, but it was like someone pulled the cord out from the audience. 5 minutes in to his diatribe regarding how horrible of a country we really are

(which we are, and I get why you would book this guy to speak – as the audience at the show is the audience you’re looking for, but keep the lights on or something – check out his books here as he seemed well informed, and passionate about how we behave in the rest of the world, as Canadians.)

..a “Fuck Stephen Harper” chant broke out, which Mr. Engler took as his cue, and Propagandhi walked on stage. Never had a been more excited to hear Rom MacLean & Don Cherry’s voices than on this night. The group launched right into “Dear Coaches Corner” and we were off. The group did a fantastic job of blowing my face off, which their high-intensity level of punk rock. Frontman Chris Hannah, water bottler holding and all, was wearing a button-up shirt (which I thought was nice) that he was vehemently heckled for, in spite of the fact that his mother bought it for him, until he removed it. The group played lots of new songs, and when asked, bassist Todd Kowalski said he “liked the new shit”. Amazing Show. Great venue. To both bands: Please return soon.

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