The Album Drop


Music Meltdown / The Album Drop – November 6, 2012

Today we look at new releases from The Coup, Converge, Lindi Ortega, White Lung, Vagina Panther & Hot Panda.

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2pm Show (Listen to this hour here.):

  • Death Grips – Lil Boy

  • Metz – Wasted
  • The Evens – King Of Kings
  • Bad Religion’s Google Hangout:

  • Modest Mouse – Spitting Venom

3pm Show (To stream or download this episode Click Here!)

  1. Lindi Ortega – Cigarettes & Truckstops
    • High
    • Demons Don’t Get Me Down
    • Don’t Wanna Hear It

  2. Hot Panda – Go Outside
    • Littered Coins
    • See You All Around
    • One In The Head, One In The Chest
  3. The Coup – Sorry To Bother You
    • You Are Not A Riot
    • The Gods Of Science
    • The Magic Clap
  4. Vagina Panther – Judge
    • Cheeseburger
    • Band Damage
    • Fingers
  5. White Lung – European Tour 7″

  6. Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind (Stream it here.)
    • Aimless Arrow
    • Trespass

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