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Music Meltdown / The Album Drop – 1/15/ 2013

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The Music Meltdown

  • Broken Social Scene – Windsurfing Nation

  • Get Bad Brain’s Official Hot Sauce here.

  • Check Out Rolling Stone’s Look at the Vancouver Scene.

    Our Vancouver Megamix:

    1. Japandroids – Rockers East Vancouver
    2. Nu Sensae – Curdle The Cream
    3. White Lung – Atlanta

  • How To Destroy Angels – Keep It Together
  • Guided By Voices – Hangover Child
  • Wavves – Sail To The Sun
  • NOFX – New Years Revolution

    The Album Drop

    1. California X – California X (Stream the whole thing at Spin.)

      • Curse Of The Nightmare
      • Spider X
      • Lemmy’s World

    2. Dragon Inn 3 – Ghoul School EP (Stream/Download it below.)

      • Rocket Launcher
      • Up In The Busines

    3. Walk Off The Earth – R.E.V.O. EP

      • Speeches
      • Summer Days

    4. Stalwart Sons – Stay Cold (Stream it below.)

      • A Lonely War
      • Wolfspeak
      • True North

    5. My Radio – Starts In The East Falls In The West (Hear samples of the record on their website

      • Bricks & Mortar
      • Aliens

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