The Album Drop


Music Meltdown / The Album Drop – March 12, 2013

We’re looking for your help this week! The CHUO Funding Drive is on, and we need your donations to keep our station operating. So, please call 613-562-5968 or Donate Online and tell ’em you were sent by The Music Meltdown or The Album Drop.

We’ve got 2 new shows today, live from 2-4pm on CHUO 89.1FM. (Stream It here!)

The Music Meltdown

  • Read Randy Blythe’s Classy Goodbye Letter to Prague.

  • Bad Religion – Crisis Time

  • Are Jugglaos actually a small mafia. The FBI Thought So. But not so much anymore.

  • Rose Cousins – Go First (ECMA Winners List, check out her video below.)

  • CIMA claims an indie musician makes over $7000 a year, more stats and figures from their survey here.

  • Les Hay Babies – Horse On Fire (Stream their EP Below)

  • Rancid is giving away a free live set. All you have to do is give them your email address. Put it in the box, after Clicking Here

  • Portugal. The Man. – Evil Friends (Check out the video below)

    The Album Drop

    1. Chelsea Light Moving – Frank O’Hara Hit
    2. Jim James – Know ‘Til Now
    3. The Amalgamation – Smoke And Mirrors

    4. The Bronx – Style Over Everything
    5. Shai Hulud – The Mean Spirits, Breathing
    6. This Hisses – BlackSmith
    7. Young Rival – Stay Young
    8. The Pack AD – Crazy
    9. Gallows – Last June

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