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TSMR #1: Moist – Creature

A Can-Rock staple of the 90s.

  • Condition: 9 – Impeccible fold out lyric book, poster & tray card, slight cracks on jewel case, visual scratches on disc that do not affect plaayback.
  • Price: $0.99 (CAD)
  • Found: Value Village, Barrhaven, ON – July 2017.

Vancouver’s Moist captured rock radio and Muchmusic with their debut record Silver. Their ability to walk the dynamic of soft and hard tones, stylistically fit in perfectly with the popular rock sound of the day. 1996 brought the much anticipated follow-up “Creature”. Buy a new copy here.


The record begins with the haunting ambience of ‘Hate’. Thankfully the verse is just long enough for one to think “Ok, what the fuck happened to this band?” but not actually come to a conclusion before David Usher delivers his first scream of this release.

‘Theme From Cola’ is a more up-tempo number, who’s opening riff nearly blows the headphones off, coming after ‘Hate’. It’s so fast, by their standards you can audibly hear someone say “Jesus Christ” at the end of the tune.

This brings us to ‘Resurrection’, one of the band’s best known tunes. By capturing all of the bands trademarks (big riffs, singer David Usher’s vocal range, jaunty piano runs & a hard/soft thing) it continues to be a can-con radio staple. It’s still an awesome tune too.

I would love to talk to someone who has this shirt.

One can’t help but think the break down at the end of ‘Resurrection’ is why it’s placed before ‘Leave It Alone’ – which I would argue is the strongest and fullest song they ever released. In his book “The Indie Band Bible” (a must read for aspiring Canadian musicians), Guitarist Mark Makoway emphasises the importance of building a dynamic set, with peaks and valley’s, comparing it to the arc of a story.

Within the middle of this record the band really shows off their range. The horn run in ‘Creature’ seems out of place at first. The jazzy piano ballad ‘Disco Days is beautifully minimal, especially as the background noise bleeds through the track.

The album mix on ‘Tangerine’ is way better than the “rock radio mix”.

This is at least the second time I’ve purchased this record. The first time wasn’t right when it came out (I don’t exactly remember when) but I know that I’ve heard it before. I was taken back by ‘Better Than You’. The song is instantly memorable, on a record packed with solid tunes. Shocked that I forgot about it. Great riffs and a catchy hook.

In conclusion this is a record solid enough to inspire someone to start blogging about music they buy at thrift stores. A bunch of well written tunes, any of which really would have been Canadian Radio hits at the time it came out. Excellent nostalgia trip. The only lingering question seems to be whether it’s a good name, because it catches your attention, or is Moist just an awful word? Highly recommended.

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